Sunday, September 16, 2012

Composition Notebooks!

I found a great deal at Target last night.  I have come to love composition notebooks.  They are small, stay together, and don't have the wire binding that can unravel throughout the year.  I love using them for writing notebooks and Science interactive notebooks.  My Target has them for 70% off!  They were only $0.22 each!!  Needless to say, we picked up 35 of them, and thinking of going back to get more.  I love a good school supply clearance!  What do you like to pick up at back to school clearance sales?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Classroom

Here are some pics of my classroom this year.  I think I finally got it the way I want it!  Sorry if the pics look cruddy...they were taken with my phone!

 This is outside of my class door so the kids can see it when they walk in.  I found it on Pinterest and changed it just a little.  I have gotten many compliments in it...from other staff, administration, even the kiddos!
 This is my "evil squirrel".  I DO NOT like squirrels and every year it comes up.  The other day, when I came in to my class after lunch, this little bugger was sitting under my desk.  I found out later that the aide I had last year put it there.  It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen...yes, it lights up!  So I added some eyes, horns, and an appropriate "title"...evil.  The kids love him!  I think we need to come up for a name for him!
 This is the view from my desk.
 My library genre board.
 My homework station.
 Full view of the class library.  Can never have too many books.
 This board is outside of my class.  It tells them what they need to bring to each class.
 HUGE bulletin board above lockers in hallway.  (The first word is "coyote".)  There are pawprints with each kiddo's name on them.  

 Our Reading Rocks board.  Every time they read a book, they fill out a shape with the title, author, and their name.  I love seeing it get filled up!
 Revising vs. Editing board.  Also found on Pinterest.  This was a fun activity for the kids.
 Class rules.
My desk.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!