Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer reading...I teach a section of 5th grade advanced ELA.  They were required to read Bridge to Terabithia over the summer.  I was struggling with what to do with them and this book.  I did not feel right giving them a test on it...they did not read it under my "supervision", there were no class discussions on it, and some of the kids could have read it in June.  I found a file on my computer that I got off of awhile ago.  It is called "characterbook" and it is a facebook-type assignment.  I know they are only in 5th grade and should not be on FB, but face it, we all know many of them are!  I don't think by doing this assignment, I am promoting FB, as there are very specific directions to this assignment.  I am handing it out tomorrow...I think they will enjoy it.  What do you guys do with required summer reading?

Here is the link to the proteacher page that has a link to the characterbook file and directions.

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