Friday, August 12, 2011

Thanks For Following...Sorry For Not Posting

Well, I haven't been on my blog, as you can see, all summer.  I was surprised to see my "follower" numbers increase!  I am hoping to post more now that the school year is starting up.  Thanks for following!

Now Sad For the BEGINNING of the Year!

So, I was very sad at the end of the school year....I had a GREAT group of kids, it was my best year teaching 5th grade!  School starts on August 16th and I found out last week that we are switching students for every class this year and still teaching every subject.  There are 10 5th grade teachers at my school and none of us is really sure why the change was one even told us!  We found out by looking up our class lists on the computer last week.  I taught middle school before these past 3 years of teaching 5th grade.  I made the switch to 5th grade so that I could have one class of kids all day and that is being taken away from me!  I feel like everything I have done in the past 3 years to get my classroom running the way I like it is out the window!  I love forming the close relationships with the kids you get when you are with them all day long. I am truly sad about this change and this is the first year in my 12 years of teaching I do not want to go back.  Sorry to vent, but I am hoping someone out there feels my pain!...and can maybe offer some suggestions.  Thanks!